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Optional Extras

From choosing the right site base to deciding whether you need Cedar Roof Shingles or Slates, Lushington Garden Buildings is definitely the right place to come to. With your help we will create the perfect Garden Building for you and your needs. From needing a place to put your tools to a garden studio that allows you to fulfil your dreams, we not only have the time and patience for you but also have 30 years of experience in the business to ultimatley deliver a product that you will be 110% satisfied with.


With you in mind we have created this page to help you understand the optional extras that are available to you. It may help to know that designing and planning are as important to having the correct finishes so that the building stands the test of time and looks and works in the exact way that you need it to.

Please have a look through this page and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

What you need to know…


Assembly of the building onto an existing or specially prepared base, including felting the roof and glazing the windows.

Pressure Treated Floor Bearers

3″ x 2″ pressure treated floor bearers are strongly recommended to level and support the building onto an existing or specially laid concrete base, paved patio or decking area to raise the building by approximately 2″ to allow for air circulation under the floor and prevent any part of the building from having direct ground contact. The bearers usually run in the shortest dimension. The floor/joists of the building are secured to the bearers.

Mixture of Bricks/Blocks & Packing

A mixture of loosely laid bricks/blocks and packing can be used to level the floor bearers at 4ft intervals onto an existing compacted soil or lawn site where no base has been specially prepared. This method can only be used providing the slope of the propsed site is no more than 16″.

Perimeter Base Gravel Boards

Pressure treated gravel boards are cut to size and fitted around the perimeter of the buildings floor to disguise the brick/block packing used to level and support the bearers on sloping ground.

Concrete Base

A 4″ to 6″ thick reinforced concrete base laid to the external base dimensions of the building. The quoted price allows for up to a 9″ fall of the ground. The site will be dug out as required to enable the lowest side of the base to be finished just above the existing ground level. All spoils dug out for the base will be removed from site. Additional costings are available to quotation for sites which slope more than 9″.

Cuprinol / Sovereign SX70 Staining

As a basic wood stain or preservative we offer two coats of Cuprinol decorative preserver, Cuprinol Shades stain or Sovereign SX70 stain onto all external timber surfaces of the building prior to delivery to enable the preservative or stain to be applied to areas which cannot be protected once the building has been constructed. The preservative or stain is applied directly onto the already pressure treated and base coat primed timber. The Cuprinol Shades wood stain is available in approximately 40 different opaque colours and the Cuprinol preserver and SX70 are available in approximately 6 different translucent colours.

and a Down-Pipe

Black round guttering and a down-pipe can be fitted to each side of the roof eaves. The price quoted is for one side of the roof only.

 Johnstone’s Quick Dry Opaque Wood Finish

4 Part Application

Johnstone’s Quick Dry Opaque Wood Finish is predicted to give up to 5 years protection. The process consists of applying one coat of oil-based base coat preservative onto all external timber surfaces, followed by one coat of knotting, one coat of cover coat stain and two coats of coloured opaque top coat stain. The staining process is applied prior to delivery to enable the preservative/stain to be applied to areas which cannot be protected once the building has been constructed. The preservative/stain is applied directly onto the already pressure treated timber. The Weathershield stain is available in over 200 different opaque colours.

Lining & Insulation

ISO Wool insulation is fitted directly onto the internal membrane between the framework of the side walls and timber boarding of the roof. Two electric wiring rings (one for plugs and one for lights) are fed under the insulation and grouped together in a selected area in preparation for a certified electrician to connect to the mains supply. A 3/4″ tongue & grooved ‘V’ board lining is secured to the framework of the sidewalls and roof. Cut outs for plugs and light fittings are provided with a loop of wire left slack in each opening. The standard floor is insulated with 1″ thick sheets of Jablight onto which a 3/4″ thick sheet of tongue and grooved chipboard is laid. A laminated floor is laid onto an underlay onto the chipboard. Architraves are fitted around the door and window frames and skirting boards are fitted around the edge of the floor.

Decorative Felt Roof Tiles

Black, green or red, square or shaped fire resistant felt roof tiles can be fitted directly onto the already felted roof to provide an addtional decorative roof finish.

Cedar Roof
Shingles or Slates

Black riven slates or treated cedar roof shingles are fitted onto pressure treated battens onto the already felted roof to provide an additional decorative roof finish. The cedar roof is finished with a cedar ridge copping and the slate roof is finished with a black concrete ridge copping. The roof must be pitched at 22 degrees for both the cedar shingle and slate roofs. The price also allows for the additional trusses required to take the extra weight of the slates.

Double Breathable

Double Folied Back Breathable Membrane located between the framework and external cladding. The purpose of the membrane is to Reduces Internal Humidity. Comes in a Green Interior Finish.

More about Lushington..

High Quality Buildings

Our Buildings are constructed in our Isle of Wight workshops, from custom-designed garden rooms, offices and studios to standard garden buildings including sheds, garages, summerhouses, and specialist buildings such as aviaries, beach huts, stables and children’s play rooms.

All of our garden buildings can be supplied in kit form for self assembly or completely installed for you by the Lushington Garden Buildings team, wherever you are in the UK.

Friendly and Professional Approach

From the top down our customer service is something we strive for excellence in. From the moment you call to the manufacturing team to the team that assembles your building, you will find us keen to make the whole experience as smooth as possible.

The Turnaround

All of our hand-crafted sheds can be built, delivered and assembled within 2 - 6 weeks of an order being placed. In the peak season from March to September this may increase up to two weeks, but here at Lushington Garden Buildings our team are always mindful of timescales and the individual needs of all of our customers. All of our garden rooms and workshops can be delivered and assembled within 6 - 12 weeks whatever the time of year.

Occasionally we have onsite buildings that are ready to go and with stock and sale options it can sometimes workout that buildings can have a much faster turnaround depending on work load and availability of staff.

Our Promise To You

At Lushington Garden Buildings we build to order using our own craftsmen so that we are able to safeguard quality control at every stage of manufacture. This ensures durability throughout the process. As our buildings are manufactured from specially treated timber, sourced from responsibly managed forests we can offer a guarantee of quality that few of our competitors can.

As standard our garden buildings also include many features that other manufacturers include only as extras - features which add strength and longevity to your garden building. As well as guaranteeing the style and quality of our handcrafted buildings we offer a 12 month guarantee on economy buildings, and a 5 year guarantee on all other buildings.

Personal Bespoke Design

Our simple, guided build-your-own process means you can easily customise your garden rooms and workshop designs yourself to achieve a perfect match for your needs and location.

With a versatile approach we help you to decide on features including alternative doors and windows, single or double glazing, internal lining and insulation, internal partitions and doors, roof overhangs, buttresses and verandas, alternative roof coverings, guttering, exterior wood stain colours, work benches, window shutters, Velux roof windows, flower boxes and decorative roof fascias to achieve the perfect look for your garden building.

Our extensive range provides the starting point for your own easy-to-execute adaptations to achieve a unique garden building or workshop to enjoy throughout the seasons.