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Garden Rooms

Lushington Bespoke Garden Rooms – House Specification

Lushington Bespoke Garden Rooms – House Specification

Select The Size You Need

This price reflects the shell, Roof, Floor, and Sides only. It does not include the doors & windows – See options across


Door & Window Options

Here is a full list of ALL our door and window options. We have Timber and PVC materials, Georgian and Victorian styles or single and double glazed options.

Your Garden Room

A FULL customer building service is available. All Sizes, height dimensions and roof pitch angles are fully adjustable. The overall height of the building depends on the internal height and roof pitch. As standard the internalheight clearance of a Lushington Building can be anything between 6’2″ and 6’8″ and the roof can be pitched at 5, 8, 15, 22.5 or 35 degree angles, the choice is up to you.

Bespoke Design Garden Room Includes:

  • Full  Control Over Specificions
  • Free Site Survey to  Begin the Process
  • Choice of Cedral Board or Timber Cladding
  • Plain or Decorative Fascias as Standard on Timber  Buildings
  • Cedral Board or PVC Fascias as Standard on Cedral Board Buildings
  • Choice of Window & Doors Can Be PVC or Timber
  • Timber Doors are Mortice & Tenon  Jointed and Made of Hemlock as Standard
  • 20mm x 140mm Tongue & Grooved Floor Boards
  • All Timber Building Roofs are Felted With a 34kg Polyester Felt. Comes in Grey/Green or Black colours
  • All Cedral Board Buildings Have Black Torch-On Felt.

LUSHINGTON GARDEN BUILDING – All hand crafted and made on the Isle of Wight


Phone: 01983 882216

Building Options

Add those finishing details to truly make your Garden Room unique to your needs. Below you’ll find pricings for adding Buttresses, Verandahs, Partitions or Shelving per foot of your building.

Ningwood Sloping Buttresses – Prices Starting at £258
Cranmore Open Veranda Prices Starting at £388
Cranmore Open POST Veranda Prices Starting at £528
Farringford Enclosed Veranda – Prices Starting at £620
Farringford Enclosed POST Veranda – Prices Starting at £760
Internal Partition Cladded One Side – Prices Starting at £276
Internal Partition Cladded Both Sides – Prices Starting at £413


Garden Rooms Additional Costs

With 285 sizes of the shell there are as many costings for our Additional Costs. Below shows a selection of the price range which gives you a rough idea of what costs to expect for items like the concrete base, wall insulation, site assembly, as well as roofing, flooring and guttering options.

If the size of your building is not listed in the table then please contact us to get a more accurate appraisal.

4′ X 6′£225£33£82£234
5′ X 7′£291£41£98£341
6′ X 8′£360£59£115£468
6′ X 10′£423£68£131£585
7′ X 9′£438£80£131£614
8′ X 8′£448£91£131£624
8′ X 10′£523£91£147£780
8′ X 12′£597£117£164£936
8′ X 16′£746£170£196£1248
10′ X 12′£713£163£180£1170
10′ X 16′£884£212£213£1560
12′ X 16′£1019£215£229£1872
14′ X 20′£1380£297£278£2730
16′ X 20′£1552£339£294£3120


& Flooring
Roof Tiles
/ per side
4′ X 6′£1187£161£515£96
5′ X 7′£1552£235£751£101
6′ X 8′£1942£323£1030£105
6′ X 10′£2302£403£1287£114
7′ X 9′£2388£423£1351£110
8′ X 8′£2442£430£1373£105
8′ X 10′£2874£538£1716£114
8′ X 12′£3306£645£2059£123
8′ X 16′£4170£860£2746£141
10′ X 12′£3972£806£2574£123
10′ X 16′£4981£1075£3432£141
12′ X 16′£5781£1290£4118£141
14′ X 20′£7927£1882£6006£159
16′ X 20′£8941£2150£6864£159


Optional Extras – Garden Rooms


Choice of Plain or Scalloped Roof Fascias with decorative Finialsno charge

Internal Partition Door

Pair of Hinged Window Shutters hung in a separate frame£319

Drop Down Hinged Window Shutter hung in a separate frame


Removable Bolt on Window Shutters


Timber Flower Box (located under window)


Preservatives & Stains

5 ltr Tin of Sovereign Base Coat Preservative (Straw Colour)£77
5 ltr Tin of Sovereign SX70 Decorative Wood Protection£109

2.5 ltr Tin of Cuprinol Garden Shades Wood Stain



34kg Polyester Mineral Roof Felt (10m roll – 10 year guarantee)


Old Shed Removal – Priced Individually Per Job


UK Delivery Charge (excl IOW)



What's The First Step?

Knowing what size building you require is a big help as is where you want the doors and windows positioned. This helps us give you a much more accurate starting price. We can then go through the additional requirements and finishes based on you choices and budget to get you the right building for your needs. We are always happy to talk to you on the phone or better still come to our show site and talk to us in person.

Are there any guarantees?

As well as guaranteeing the style and quality of our handcrafted buildings, we also offer a 12 month guarantee on economy buildings, and a 5 year guarantee on all other buildings.

How long does the process take?
All of our hand-crafted sheds can be built, delivered and assembled within 2 – 4 weeks of an order being placed. In the peak season from March to September this may increase by two weeks. Our team are always mindful of timescales and the individual needs of all of our customers so best to keep in touch throughout the process.

Our garden rooms and workshops can be delivered and assembled within 6 – 12 weeks whatever the time of year.

Occasionally we have onsite buildings that are ready to go and with stock and sale options it can sometimes workout that buildings can have a much faster turnaround depending on work load and the availability of staff.

Are there Delivery Charges?
We offer FREE delivery to our Isle of Wight customers, and arranged delivery across the UK. Basically we can provide any building to anywhere in the UK!
What's the best way to get a quote?

The best thing, if you can, is to visit our show room to see all the special qualities of buildings that we make. As we custom build all of our Lushington Buildings there are many high quality materials used in each step of the process. A good understanding of these extras will help you decide on what's best for needs. We can then arrange a Site Survey and then move forward from there.

Will I need Planning Consent?

The General Planning Rule:

If you locate a building within 2 metres off a boundary the overall height (from ground level) must not exceed 2.5 metres (8 1/2ft).

If the building is located more than 2 metres off a boundary, the overall height must not exceed 3 metres for a flat sloping roof or 4 metres for a pitched roof.

If your proposed building exceeds the permitted height we would be happy to process a Planning Application on your behalf for an additional £629.

Are there any hidden costs??

From choosing the right base for your site to deciding whether you need cedar roof shingles or slates, there are many options that will affect the final price.

Some of these extra costs are bigger than others. Lining, Insulation and Roofing options are some of the bigger ones whereas Packing, Floor Bearers and Guttering are some of the easier choices to make. It really depends on the size and purpose of the building. If budget constraints are too high we do have Sale & Stock options available at our site but the BEST thing is to do is to Call Us Today and start a discussion about what your needs are and how Lushington can help you meet them.

Can I build on an uneven section?

The short answer is definitely "Yes". A site survey is the best way for us to evaluate the ground area and quote accurately. With the proper groundwork and foundation, we can build a flat base on almost any site.

If a concrete base is required, we offer a 4″ to 6″ thick reinforced concrete base laid to the external base dimensions of the building.

The quoted price allows for up to a 9″ fall of the ground. The site will be dug out as required to enable the lowest side of the base to be finished just above the existing ground level. All spoils dug out for the base will be removed from site.

Additional costings are available to quotation for sites which slope more than 9″.